We are a software house founded in 2003 in Turin, Italy.

For us, helping start-ups to give life to their ideas is a mission as serious as the one to give companies and industries tools to do their business.

Internet, smartphones, tablets, embedded devices: anyway, with us, you will be connected in the best way.



Native apps for iOS or Android, hybrid or progressive: we can help you decide what’s best for you and make it real together


We are web artisans. We always craft custom and efficient solutions for your business or your ideas. Management sites, e-commerce, business cockpits

Totem • Signage

We design interactive totems, museum and artistic installations and digital signage systems

IoT • embedded

We program for manufacturing 4.0 and cloud-based automation. We write software for embedded devices such as ARM/Raspberry or Arduino

Our Digital Signage solution: easy, fast and affordable

Our skills