Mobile and Web

full app development: mockup, UI and UX assessment and design, full native development and app store deploy since 2009

analysis, design and full stack development for apps and webapps

Iakta uses the most advanced technologies to develop its Apps. We are constantly looking for the latest trends in technology, UI and UX, tools, system integrations to deliver the best apps, both Android and iOS. Since Iakta mostly develops apps as subcontractor of other companies, here you will find just the apps we have coded for ourself, and not the scores we have written and deployed over the years.

  • full stack development: app & backend
  • graphical user interfaces
  • UX and mockup design
  • advanced technologies
  • easy to use
  • data security
  • optimized code
  • business frontend
  • control dashboards
  • otp and password managers
  • messaging and videoconferencing
  • games and interactive stories


Funny game to learn how to use the keyboard. Recommended for iPad but also works on small screens

CrazyTyping introduces children to keyboard use helping them memorize the position of the letters on the keyboard while playing and preparing them for a more conscious use of the keyboard when they are older.

  • 20 levels of difficulty
  • Sticker to be stuck on the blackboard, etc.

* TheMoonlitKnightXYZ: “Excellent idea of the blackboard. Perfect for my four year old girl who starts playing with the letters. Recommended!”


Store sensitive info as passwords, pictures and more in a secure and configurable way

Safekeeper allows you to store and view your information by keeping them safe with the most robust algorithms used by the US government. With Safekeeper you can hide not only simple passwords, but also texts / sentences and especially images.

  • Storing all your secrets with security by using AES with 256bit key
  • Grouping secrets encrypted folders and titles (only data not encrypted)
  • 30 fixed icons to customize categories and titles.
  • Custom sorting of categories and titles to speed access to secrets
  • Display data and secrets with filters.
  • Free custom fields.
  • Images.
  • Full backup to iCloud.

reviews: * Focudni: “Ok great Flexible, fast and safe !!! Essential” * Paoloebasta: “I use it a little bit and it goes really well”

True Pizza

Calculate the right amount of ingredients to make authentic Neapolitan pizza

The real Neapolitan pizza that grows in the oven and it’s a pleasure to eat.

With True Pizza you can prepare the perfect pizza according to the authentic neapoletan specifications (disciplinare).

Set: * Rising times * How many pizzas * And more (if you are an expert)

and we will calculate the right amount of flour and yeast.

We develop web apps and portals with many technologies (PHP/NodeJS/Java/Go) but we specialize in Python. We also work on standalone apps in Python, Go and Java.

  • Requirements and feasability study
  • Functional analysis
  • POCs and prototypes
  • Graphics desing and layout
  • Software development and system integration
  • full stack dev: backend, middleware, frontend
  • DB either SQL or noSQL
  • Maintenance and hosting
  • B2B portals
  • e-commerce portals
  • live event management software
  • computer security
  • REST APIs for either a web or a mobile frontend
  • system integrations (IoT/custom HW modules)
  • custom solutions

We worked on complex payment systems, both developing apps and assisting companies specialized in computer security. We have been developing OTP token apps otp and safe-storage and password managers (our Safekeeper app is available free on the App Store) for banks and financial institutes.

We developed a complete product for shareholder’s assemblies that manages reception, vote, interventions and reporting. The entire system is web based for easy scalability as well as:

  • redundant
  • fast
  • easily scalable

Walter Gamba


Programmer and videogamer since he was little more than a toddler, he still can smile despite everything (especially being a software engineer)!

Piergiorgio Barra

President and CFO

Videogamer by birth, geek few years later, now he’s a pizza evangelist and Iakta president, too!



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